Cement Products

Offering distribution on a range of cement products to Pacific markets, Darius is well placed to supply bagged cement in any form.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
OPC, also known as grey cement, consists of five standard types of cement. Darius distributes the INDOCEMENT Brand OPC Types I, II and V. It is a high quality cement suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as construction of housing, high-rise buildings, bridges and roads. OPC Type II cement has better sulphate resistance and lower heat of hydration properties and is typically used in areas where the soil contains moderate amounts of sulphate and for construction of piers, dams and heavy footings, while Type V provides additional protection against sulphates present in water. OPC Type I is also a raw material for mixed cement, asbestos cement, floor tiles and ferrocement.

White Cement
White cement is used for exterior and interior building decorations. Distributing Indocement, which is the only white cement producer in Indonesia, Darius has sufficient production capacity to satisfy total white cement demand.

Mixed Cement
Mixed cement is a broad classification that covers a variety of cement products. Mixed cement is produced by mixing clinker with a variety of additives, such as fly ash, limestone and blast-furnace slag, depending on the intended use. Mixed cement has a lower clinker content (around 65% compared to 96% for OPC Type I) and is typically used for a variety of non-structural applications, as well as construction of low-rise apartment buildings.

Packaging Options:
Darius supplies a wide range of bagged cement products, in a range of packaging options

Base Options:
2MT “Cap Type” Sling Bag – A heavy duty woven polypropylene sling bag with protective cap
2MT Wooden Pallet – A heavy hardwood pallet with steel strapping and plastic cover

Bagging Options:
40kg PP Bags – A sturdy and weatherproof woven polypropylene bag designed to hold 40kg
50kg PP Bags – A sturdy and weatherproof woven polypropylene bag designed to hold 50kg
1.5MT Bulk Bags – A heavy duty woven polypropylene bulk bag with plastic inner liner